Love the art in yourself.

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"Once the priest in my school told me that God revealed him that I would be someone who would leave a mark on others. Years after I understood the truth and the relevance of those words in my life."


"Art" is my personal project involving my three passions: tattooing, drawing and photography. I am inspired by different artists and styles of tattooing, specially in the fields of watercolor and sketchline designs.

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Love the art in yourself means not only to appreciate tattoos, but also to claim your own artistic side. And as any kind of love, tattoos are passion, they last forever and sometimes they hurt. They decorate the body, but also enhance the soul.

Discover my work

Discover my work


What are your rates, do you take deposits, how do you charge?

There is a deposit required to secure appointments. This deposit is deducted from your last appointment (should your tattoo be multiple sittings). If you change or cancel your appointment without giving us at least 24 hours notice, your deposit will be forfeited. Prices may fluctuate slightly depending on the project. The studio takes cash and money transfers via paypal or twyp app.

What is your appointment process?

After our first contact I always like to have an interview with the customer to accomodate our project and discuss about details, specially when it comes to custom designs.During your consult we will book your actual tattoo appointment and take your deposit (sometimes, however, I will book both the tattoo appointment and your consult at the same time).For folks from outside of Barcelona ,the process is the same except the in-person consult.

Where do you work?

I am currently working in my private studio located in el born area in Barcelona. I occasionally collaborate with other studios and tattoo artists. I am also open to travel and to get to know other artists, studios and tattoo enthusiasts.

What kind of things you enjoy tattooing?

I like projects which challenge and excite me, and these are elements which may take many different forms. I am always open to trying new things, and am most comfortable when my clients provide direction regarding the subject matter of their tattoos, colour, and style, and leave compositional elements up to me.

Contact and location


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    +34 625 994 808

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  • Location

    Carrer de l'arc de Sant Silvestre 08003 Barcelona

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